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HV Testing of all Types of Sub-sea Cables and Off-shore Plant including Renewables Generation, Oil Extraction and Interconnection. 250 km Off-line TDR, and 10 km On-line Test Distances Possible.
Off-line Rotating Machines Condition Assessment and Diagnostic Testing, In-situ and without Disassembly Requirement.
Full Product Training Provided by Experienced HVPD Field Test Engineers, both at our Training Facility and On-site.
On-line Screening, Monitoring, and Diagnostic Testing in 3.3 kV+ Switchgear and other Plant.
Partial Discharge Testing and Fault Mapping of all types of Power Cables at 3.3 kV+, Including PILC, PVC and XLPE.
PDS Air™ in use with Outdoor Parabolic Receiver Accessory to Screen and Measure Airborne PD in Outdoor HV Sealing Ends.
On-line Rotating Machines Condition Assessment and Diagnostic Testing for both On-shore and Off-shore Applications.
High Voltage Sealing End Diagnostic Testing for Industrial and Power Transmission Applications.

Global PD Testing and Monitoring of Cables, Switchgear, Transformers, Motors and Generators

High Voltage Partial Discharge (HVPD) Ltd are experts in the field of On-line Partial Discharge (PD) condition assessment and asset reliability of all types of in-service, medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) plant from 3.3 kV up to 750 kV. HVPD offer a complete range of Partial Discharge test and monitoring technology and complementary Partial Discharge test and training services to customers worldwide.

Our Partial Discharge technology is suitable for testing and monitoring of:

  • Power cables
  • Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Motors
  • Generators
  • On-line PD in-service test and monitoring at medium and high voltage
  • Off-line factory testing and at-site commissioning tests of newly installed plant

"Our Knowledge Is Your Power"

HVPD's knowledge base is built upon the platform of R&D work carried out by HVPD's Directors and Senior Engineers in the UK over the past 30+ years. This knowledge base is demonstrated by 15 years of applied worldwide test and monitoring field experience gained from commercial test projects on all types of MV and HV plant.

What Does HVPD Offer?

We provide complete Partial Discharge solutions including; test services, equipment installations, on-site training and data analysis tailored to suit our customers' plant environment and budget. Our engineering team works closely with our customers to roll out cost effective and iterative PD programmes across networks, to support asset management decision making and plant life extension. An example of our approach includes:

  • Initial Site Survey
    Typically between 3 – 5 days to identify unreliable MV and HV assets. Customers receive a full engineering evaluation with asset management recommendations in the final report.
  • Detailed PD Test Service
    Our specialist engineers can mobilise quickly to perform on-site test service projects. On-line PD testing, diagnostics, and extended PD monitoring are carried out on live plant without interruption to service. Includes a detailed test report with interpreted measurements and recommendations.
  • Continuous Monitoring
    24/7 PD monitoring for measurement and analysis over time. Provides the plant owner with alerts and early warnings. Asset performance can be accessed worldwide via the HVPD central database.
  • Equipment Training, Support
    At-site training courses for customer engineers in the use of HVPD equipment, data collection and data analysis. Training can be tailored to suit customer's applications from the selection of modules listed below. Courses are also held at our training facility in Manchester, UK.
  • Data Analysis Service
    Support is provided via email and telephone by our engineers in the UK, supporting our global customers and agents.

Who uses HVPD Equipment & Services?

We provide test services and partial discharge technology to over 70 countries around the world and can safely claim to have the widest field of experience of any PD company presently in the market. HVPD's solutions are being used by a cross-section of MV & HV operators such as; electricity generation, utility, industrial, commercial and service partners, including:

  • Transmission & Distribution
    Scottish Power, UKPN, EDF Energy, DEWA, Saudi Electric Co, TNB, The Hong Kong Electric Co.
  • Oil & Gas
    BP, Saudi Aramco, Shell, QAPCO, Chevron, Talisman, Dolphin Energy
  • Generation & Renewables
    RWE Npower, EON, SSE, Marchwood Power, Centrica
  • Cruise Ship / Marine
    Carnival Cruises, ABB Marine, Royal Caribbean Cruises, NAVFAC, BAE
  • HV Plant Manufacturers
    Siemens, Alstom, ABB, Schneider, Mitsubishi Electric
  • HV Test Companies
    Kinectrics, Emerson, ERIKS, PowerTE, RayOman, SENDAN

To discuss your Partial Discharge requirements further please contact us.

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