HVPD are experts in the growing industry of on-line partial discharge (OLPD) condition monitoring of in-service, medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) networks. We offer a complete range of OLPD diagnostic test and monitoring equipment to provide an 'early warning' of 'incipient' high voltage insulation faults.
Our technology supports condition based maintenance (CBM) asset management programmes, enabling our clients to take early preventative maintenance action to avoid unplanned outages. 
Uniquely in the marketplace, HVPD supply bespoke, OLPD monitoring and database solutions for complete MV/HV networks with a focus on local area networks to our customers in five market sectors: Oil & Gas (both topside and subsea), Offshore Renewables, Shipping, Transmission and Distribution, and Power Generation.

On-line Condition Monitoring of High Voltage Networks

HVPD provide a comprehensive range of services to complement our OLPD monitoring technology to ensure that the best and most cost-effective OLPD monitoring solution is implemented on a client-by-client basis. Our services include diagnostic OLPD testing, network engineering surveys (to identify sensor locations on a network and obtain baseline OLPD measurements), safe sensor installation and commissioning, on-site customer training, data analysis, databasing and benchmarking service packages.
HVPD's engineering teams work closely with our customers to roll out tailored and cost effective OLPD test and monitoring programmes across complete MV/HV electricity networks. Our technology is used to support asset management decision-making for both new build ('greenfield') and in-service ('brownfield') MV/HV/EHV networks with a focus on avoiding unplanned outages.


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