What is a CPD course and why should you attend one?

“It is a continuous advantage that sets you apart from your competition”

HVPD offers market-leading, CPD-accredited Partial Discharge training courses, but what is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development, or CPD, is a valued qualification, recognised by several different industries from accountancy to engineering. It is a means of academically improving and enhancing your career potential.

CPD courses help professionals stay up to date and informed on the latest developments and knowledge in their respective industries. One CPD hour equals one CPD point so the more CPD hours you do, the more CPD points you gain. This essentially acts as a personal and professional grading system.

For example, HVPD’s Level I Partial Discharge Training Course consists of 6 CPD hours, so HVPD can then award the participant 6 CPD points which goes towards their CPD portfolio.

Why should you take a CPD course?

CPD courses demonstrate a professional’s continued growth, dedication and interest in their career: it is a highly employable attribute. Chartered Engineers and members of the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) are expected to keep a record of their CPD hours which are viewed as a demonstration of vocational credibility.

In a highly skilled and technical career, it is important to remain at the forefront of new technological developments, and as such, the IET recommends 30 hours CPD per year. These hours can be referenced throughout your career. It is a continuous advantage that sets you apart from your competition.  It can also be a chance to fill any knowledge gaps, ask the right questions and even take part in networking.

At the same time, there are also benefits for employers. CPD courses are an accessible way to engage staff in their own career objectives and can motivate your entire team. Not only can CPD points increase the credibility of an individual employee but also that of the entire firm. Employers will see a return on investment from the cost of training through upskilling their employees, who return with a clearer idea of future work objectives. Outside of the office, it demonstrates your competitiveness as a company to your customer base. It gives you a professional edge in your respective market.

CPD courses enable a professional to step out of their normal working environment to gain skills that will impact positive changes upon their return.

HVPD’s CPD courses

HVPD runs its own CPD-accredited Partial Discharge training courses at venues around the world. We help electrical engineers responsible for MV/HV assets understand the dangers of PD, spot the warning signs of insulation degradation, and implement a maintenance strategy that maximises the uptime of their network. We are seeing an increasing requirement for PD monitoring across all sectors – and our training provides the latest knowledge in the field.

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