Partial Discharge (PD) Monitoring Across the Asset Life Cycle

On-line PD monitoring provides the best early warning indicator of electrical insulation degradation in HV electrical assets, including switchgear, cables and transformers. With our range of Condition-Based Monitoring products, along with our expert knowledge in PD, asset managers can confidently make decisions about where and when to invest and how to optimally manage the risk of their networks.

Whether it’s testing during commissioning or screening and continuous monitoring the asset’s lifespan, we support critical networks to reduce the consequence of failure, improving the safety of staff and the stability of the network.

Detect Cable Defects During Commissioning and After Repair with VLF Testing

Detect and Trend PD in Distribution Networks with Screening Tests

Test and Locate PD in Transmission and Distribution Networks with On-line Spot Testing

Monitor PD in Critical Assets with Continuous On-line PD Monitoring

Avoid Costly and Dangerous In-service Switchgear Failures

Permanent Sensors for PD Testing and Monitoring of Bushings