On-Demand Level I & II Partial Discharge (PD) Training

Online platform: Demio
Price: £480+VAT
Monday 17th - Friday 21st October 2022

If you or your team are responsible for MV and HV electrical assets, knowledge of PD condition monitoring can help you avoid unplanned outages on your network resulting from electrical insulation failure.

Our Level I & II PD training courses cover the theoretical aspects of assessing insulation risk – giving you the knowledge you need to make maintenance planning decisions for your network.

The On-Demand feature will be available from Monday 17th – Friday 21st October 2022.To get the most out of your training, our expert PD Engineers will be available to answer your training related questions during the LIVE Q&A sessions on Thursday 20th October 2022 at 08:00 and 15:00 BST via the webinar platform. This is a great chance to interact and speak to our PD engineers.

Attending our training sessions will help you gain an understanding of how PD can cause insulation failure, leading to costly unplanned outages. Each course involves a moderated examination, certified by our qualified PD engineers.

Level I Training - Introduction to PD Testing

3.5 CPD points awarded once completed and passed exam.

Those with HVPD Level I certification or previous experience with PD can progress to Level II.

Modules (each module is approximately an hour):

Level II Training - Intermediate Course on Plant Specific PD Testing

5 CPD points awarded once completed and passed exam.

Modules (each module is approximately an hour):


If you like to attend the training please respond by emailing training@hvpd.co.uk to place your purchase order or pay by credit card. Our finance team will then contact you directly to sort out your payment. Please note that registrations will close on Wednesday 12th October 2022 at 17:00 BST.