A World First OLPD Testing Wideband Sensor for Holistic Plant Condition Monitoring

The SMART-TB3™ is a world first, on-line partial discharge (OLPD) sensor for holistic plant condition monitoring of medium and high voltage (MV and HV) assets, including; rotating machines (direct or VSD-fed), switchgear and transformers.
The SMART-TB3™ utilises the detection capability of the HFCT sensor to detect high frequency PD and incorporates lower frequency bands for detection of power frequency (50/60 Hz), power quality (PQ), harmonics and current signature analysis (CSA).
The Low Frequency winding also provides a synchronisation signal for phase-resolved PD measurements.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide band electrical signal detection:
    • Low Frequency (LF) output for CSA, PQ and transient electrical events
    • High Frequency (HF) output for PD
  • Suitable for attachment to cables rated up to 800 A.
  • Voltage output is harmonised with industry standards allowing integration with existing PQ monitoring systems.
  • For use with either portable OLPD test units or permanent OLPD monitoring systems.
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Technical Specification

Technical Specification
LF Output
HF Output
Transfer Impedance, Tr
1 Ω ±5%
0 Hz –  200 kHz
(with integrated filter)
0.5 - 25 MHz
Voltage output
1 Vrms @ 800 A
Droop Time
0.9 µs ±10%
Typical Ride Time Response 
< 15 ns
Recommended Load Impedance
50 Ω
Output Connector
TNC Female
BNC Female 
Internal Diameter 
96 mm
External Dimension
184 x 174 mm
Max 50 Hz Current
(before saturation)
800 A
1.9 kg
Point of Attachement