7 kV, 1 nF High Voltage Coupling Capacitor Installation Kit

The HVPD 7 kV, 1 nF High Voltage Coupling Capacitor (HVCC) sensor is designed for on-line partial discharge (OLPD) testing and monitoring of motors and generators and bus-fed plant with line voltages up to 7.2 kV.
Designed for permanent installation, with signal connections brought out to an external termination box the sensor enables partial discharge (PD) measurements to be made at any time, without the need for outage.
High Voltage Coupling Capacitors are particularly suited to bus-fed rotating machines for OLPD detection in the stator insulation. Galvanic contact to the high voltage terminals allows highest sensitivity to PD signals. One coupling capacitor is installed on each phase of the machine.


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Line-voltage Rating: 7.2 kV
Max Withstand Voltage: 20 kV (1 minute)
Lightning Impulse: 70 kV
Capacitance: 1 nF (±20%)
PD Level: Less than 5 pC at 7.2 kV 
Temperature Range:
-40ºC to +70ºC
Output Signal Connector:
BNC Through Coaxial Cable
HV Connection:
HV Cable LUG
Ground Connector:
M8 Hole
Mounting Holes:
2x M8 Holes (Including Ground Connector)
Scope of Supply: 3x HVCC, 1x Termination Box, 3x Earthing Cable, 3x Conduit