NEW HVPD Transformer Bushing Tap Adaptor Installation Kit

The Transformer Bushing Tap Adaptor On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) Sensor can be used with portable OLPD test units and permanent OLPD monitoring systems to detect, measure and monitor partial discharge in HV/EHV transformers equipped with capacitive/condenser bushings.
A variety of connectors are available depending on the bushing manufacturer and model. Bespoke connectors can also be produced for specific installations.

Transformer Bushing Tap Adaptor Installation


Features and Benefits

  • Provides a suitable solution for PD testing/monitoring for transformers with capacitive bushings.
  • Detects partial discharge signals from the transformer windings, through the capacitance of the bushing itself.
  • Its weather-proof, rugged design is highly durable against a range of environments, including high humidity, dust/sand, and other extreme weather.
  • Suitable for permanent installation.