Partial Discharge Monitoring Server (PDMS)

All HVPD Kronos® Monitors are networked using local communications so that the condition monitoring data may be viewed and analysed at the control centre. The monitoring systems communicate back to a central PD Monitoring Server (PDMS) for coordination and organisation of data, supervisor interface and management, and for upload to the secure HVPD UK data centre for on-event analysis by HVPD diagnostic engineers.

PDMS – Advanced OLPD Diagnostic Capabilities

The system can accurately identify and locate insulation faults thanks to the advanced statistical waveshape analysis algorithms of the HVPD Kronos®. This data system gives an unparalleled insight into the asset condition, allowing the user to:
  • View real-time data for a particular node
  • View events and trend data for individual channels
  • Display 2D and 3D projected events (used for diagnosis of motor faults)
  • Re-generate trend lines and re-classify PD retrospectively (in the post-training period)
  • Adaptively configure the smart multiplexer to perform precedence and or coincidence measurements using a fixed array of sensors. This is a vital feature enabling next generation noise discrimination and incipient fault location.

PDMS - HVPD Kronos® Software