HVPD Kronos® Portable Monitor

24-channel On-line Partial Discharge Monitor for Temporary Installation

The HVPD Kronos® Portable Monitor is an on-line partial discharge (OLPD) continuous monitoring system for short-term installation. This monitor is designed to be moved around the network for short-term OLPD monitoring sessions of 1-3 months. It provides a diagnostic insulation condition assessment of in service plant, including switchgear, cables, transformers and rotating machines of 3.3 kV and above.
It can be used routinely or after a high PD level is detected with the PDS Insight or HVPD Kronos® Spot Tester. The system trends PD activity over time and detects any load variances and intermittent PD activity. Uniquely in the market, we provide a dedicated service contract in conjunction with the monitoring technology and HVPD OLPD Measurements Database© to provide a comprehensive support to Condition-Based Management scheme.


  • Suitable for short-term continuous monitoring of 1 to 3 months.
  • It represents Phase 3 of the HVPD 4-Phase Asset Management solution and is used to monitor partial discharge activity.
  • Supports Condition-Based Management schemes, reducing unplanned outages, downtime and maintenance costs.
  • The 24-channel HVPD Kronos® Portable Monitor captures six signal channels synchronously using its unique Smart Multiplexer.
  • With 24 sensor inputs, a single HVPD Kronos® Portable Monitor covers up to four HV motors/transformers together with the switchgear and feeder cables. 
  • Generates a simple OLPD Criticality number for the asset from 0-100% through benchmarking and trending with the central HVPD OLPD Measurements Database©
  • It is compatible with our range of on-line partial discharge sensors for all applications.

Portable Network Monitoring

The HVPD Kronos® Portable Monitor can be moved around the network enabling fast deployment of the system whilst maintaining the full capacity of the continuous monitoring.
Portable Network Monitoring

Noise Reduction Performed with the HVPD Kronos® Portable Monitor Software using Event Recogniser© Software Module

The HVPD Kronos® Portable Monitor software enables discrimination against electromagnetic noise and interference. The below OLPD monitoring results show that only around 1 pulse in 1000 detected by the monitor is a partial discharge pulse, the remaining 999 being noise.
1. Raw Data
2,859,719 (100%) data points acquired over 36,073 power cycles.