HVPD Kronos® Spot Tester

Detect, Measure and Locate Partial Discharge in Minutes

The HVPD Kronos® Spot Tester is a brand new portable diagnostic test unit for detecting on-line partial discharge (PD) in all types of in-service plant, including cables, switchgear, transformers and rotating machines operating at 3.3 kV and above.
The HVPD Kronos® Spot Tester is a 6-channel, synchronous, battery powered test unit with a rugged and compact design especially optimised for field portability.

Quick and easy to set up, it detects the early stages of insulation deterioration, providing an early warning against Medium Voltage (MV) and High Voltage (HV) insulation faults and supports condition-based maintenance (CBM) schemes, reducing unplanned outages, downtime and maintenance costs. 

In addition to PD detection, the device can be used for on-line PD cable mapping to locate significant cable PD to within up to 1% of the circuit’s overall length.
To increase your ability in assessing a machine's rotor/mechanical performance, the HVPD Kronos® Spot Tester has an add-on Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) feature – non-intrusive, on-line test technique, used to assess the rotor condition of motors by analysing the frequency content of the current.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact, robust and easily transportable system.
  • Battery powered: 8+ hours of operation for testing at remote locations without the need for a power supply.
  • Synchronous data capture on 6 channels enables advanced OLPD identification and noise separation for accurate PD diagnostic measurements in noisy environments and testing multiple assets at the same time.
  • Data acquisition and advanced diagnostic analysis is performed with HVPD Kronos® software.
  • Software displays data in real time, providing immediate feedback about the insulation condition.


HVPD Kronos® Ultimate Software

This software is driven through a PC/server for interpretation of your assets’ electrical insulation condition by measuring and distinguishing PD sources.

It features a number of reporting and analysis functions including, automatic report generation and the ability to view PD trends and phase resolved PD patterns.


Application Specific Kits

The HVPD Kronos® Spot Tester serves the "locate" part of the 4-phase approach to asset management. 

The unit is available in an array of sets for testing in all types of in-service plant from cables, switchgear, rotating machines and transformers. 
* For PD mapping
** Pre-installed