HVPD pC Calibrator

HVPD pC (picocoulomb) Calibrator is a handheld unit suitable for calibration pulse injections on high voltage (HV) cables and plant, as part of off-line partial discharge (PD) testing. The device provides calibration pulses from 1 pC up to 100 nC (100,000 pC) and is suitable for PD tests to the IEC 60270 standard.
Robustly built, the unit can be used on-site and in the laboratory test environment. With a wide range of calibration pulses, the HVPD pC Calibrator can be used to test all types of HV cables and plant, from cables to rotating HV machines.


  • Adjustable pulse level (from 1 pC to 100 nC)
  • Selectable pulse repetition rate (100, 120, 400 Hz)
  • Large, backlit LCD display
  • Battery-powered (4x AA / LR6 / 15 A)
  • Simple controls
  • Robustly-built