Discontinued Products

We provide a comprehensive range of partial discharge condition monitoring products and services, however we are always looking for innovative ways to develop our product range.
For all enquiries relating discontinued produts, please contact us on +44 (0) 161 877 6142 or email us at info@hvpd.co.uk
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 Image  Product Calibration/repairs Superseded by Upgrade available
 PDS_Thumb.png PDSurveyor™ Yes PDS Insight™ Yes
Multi_Port.png HVPD Multi™ Monitor Portable Yes HVPD Kronos® Portable Monitor Yes
Multi_Perm.png HVPD Multi™ Monitor Permanent Contact HVPD for more information HVPD Kronos® Permanent Monitor Yes
PD_Gold.png PDGold/PDReader V7 and earlier N/A PDGold V8 Yes