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Utilising Holistic Condition Monitoring on MV/HV Motors to Reduce Unplanned Downtime

The authors of this paper discuss the drivers and benefits behind holistic CM of MV/HV Motors, specifically a combination of electrical and electro-mechanical technology, and how they can be applied non-intrusively and effectively used to prioritise maintenance and/or repair of such critical assets.

On-line Partial Discharge Condition Monitoring of Complete Networks for the Pulp and Paper Industry: Challenges and Solutions Explained Through Case Studies

This paper focuses on case studies of the deployment of OLPD testing and monitoring solutions at several paper sites within the U.S. The case studies will present diagnostic testing of unshielded MV cable at one paper mill up to full permanent OLPD monitoring systems at two others.

Deployment of an On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring System for Power Station with Focus on Gas Turbine Generators

This paper reports on the deployment of a continuous online partial discharge (OLPD) system to monitor a gas turbine generator at a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station. The site consists of two gas turbines rated at 250 MW and one steam turbine rated at 260 MW.

A Novel Electrical Sensor for Combined On-line Measurement of Partial Discharge (OLPD) and Power Quality (PQ)

The paper begins by reviewing the main types of sensors used for partial discharge monitoring followed by the development of the novel sensor. Finally, two case studies where the sensor has been successfully installed are presented.

On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) Condition Monitoring of Outdoor HV Switchyards to Support Risk-Based Asset Management Policies

This paper gives an overview of a project currently under way to evaluate OLPD monitoring as a means to reduce the criticality scores of assets on a transmission network, particularly those in substations located in or close to public places.

Laboratory and Field Partial Discharge Measurement in HVDC Power Cables

A range of experimental and field measurements of partial discharge (PD) activity under high voltage direct current (HVDC) conditions have been conducted with the goal of developing effective monitoring techniques for PD in HVDC cables and ancillary equipment, particularly in offshore renewable energy HVDC grid installations.

Continuous, Remote On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) Monitoring of Complete Medium Voltage (MV) Network

This paper presents results from a new condition monitoring (CM) technique for the on-line partial discharge (OLPD) condition monitoring of complete medium voltage (MV: 3.3–36 kV) networks.

On-line and Off-line PD monitoring: The Experiences in testing MV and HV apparatus from an Industrial Point of View

The paper presents an up-to-date overview of the on-line and off-line PD techniques used in the modern industries and how these techniques can be used to test for PD on the MV and HV assets. Additionally, several case studies are reported to highlight differences, advantages and disadvantages of the two different PD monitoring approaches (on-line vs offline).

Partial Discharge Pulse Propagation, Localisation and Measurements in Medium Voltage Power Cables

This paper considers the measurement and propagation of partial discharge pulses on distribution class power cable circuits, with the idea of attempting to determine discharge location sites on cables based on the parameters of individual pulses.

Combined Power Quality and Condition Monitoring of Offshore Networks

The authors present a paper detailing their experiences in the insulation condition monitoring of land-sea export cables and subsea array and platform interconnection cables in the UK offshore renewables and oil & gas industries. The paper focusses on the use of partial discharge (PD) testing to detect and locate pre-fault PD activity, and time domain reflectometry (TDR) techniques to help pinpoint cable faults after they have occurred.

On-line Partial Discharge Detection and Control on MV Cable Networks with Ground Fault Neutraliser

The paper presents results from on-line partial discharge (OLPD) testing combined with neutral voltage displacement on MV networks. Case studies are presented from testing with fabricated defects and on two MV networks as part of Ground Fault Neutraliser system commissioning.

On-line Partial Discharge Testing of Some of the Worst Performing Circuits on a Utility Distribution System

The authors are looking at the relationship between failures in service, and partial discharge (PD) activity in power cables. In addition, they report progress in making locations of PD pulses using pulse shape methods. This allows simple measurements to reveal locations of PD events.

Experiences in the Condition Monitoring and Testing of Subsea High Voltage Cables in the UK Offshore Industries

The authors present a paper detailing their experiences (over the past 7 years) in the insulation condition monitoring of subsea medium voltage (MV) and high-voltage (HV) export cables, windfarm cable arrays and oil & gas interconnection cables.

A New Technique for 'Holistic' Monitoring of High Voltage Rotating Machines, Combining Thermal, Electrical, Ambient and Mechanical (TEAM) Stress Monitoring

This paper presents a proposal for a holistic, combined rotating HV machine condition monitoring system that simultaneously monitors the electrical and mechanical parameters of the machine, using a number of condition monitoring modules (including on-line partial discharge OLPD), vibration and current signature analysis (CSA) monitoring modules).

Experiences from Over 15 Years of On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) Testing of In-Service MV and HV Cables, Switchgear, Transformers and Rotating Machines

The authors present a paper on the application of on-line partial discharge (PD) testing and monitoring technology for the insulation condition assessment of in-service medium voltage (MV - 3.3kV to 45kV)) and high voltage (HV - 66kV to 750kV) cables and plant.

On-line PD Spot Testing and Continuous Monitoring for in Service Power Cables - Techniques and Field Experiences

Applications of on-line PD spot testing and monitoring for in-service power cables are presented. The motivation and advantages of the on-line approach to the cable insulation assessment are covered. The different aspects of PD testing are discussed: detection, location and continuous monitoring. The test techniques for different types of transmission and distribution cable circuit are shown with field examples.

On-line Continuous PD Monitoring for in Service Distribution Class Cables and Switchgears

The authors present a paper on the application of on-line continuous PD monitoring for in-service distribution class cables and switchgears. Case studies of different PD trends and integration of continuous monitoring with existing test techniques such as off-line testing and PD localisation is also shown.

Neural Network Based Classification of Partial Discharge in HV Motors

This paper discusses the general application of using Neural Networks (NN) to classify six different types of Partial Discharge (PD). It was possible to utilise the advantages offered by multiple NN models to classify the PD defects with a maximum recognition rate of 94.5% achieved, whereas previous research work did not exceed a classification accuracy of 79%.

Development of new high current, Hybrid 'Ferrite-Rogowski', high frequency current transformer for partial discharge sensing in medium and high voltage cabling

This paper was presented by HVPD's Development Engineer, Marc Foxall, BEng (Hons) MIET, at the 59th International Wire & Cable Symposium - November 7th - 10th 2010 - Rhode Island Convention Centre, Providence, RI, USA. The authors describe the reports on the design and testing of a hybrid 'Ferrite-Rogowski' HFCT that has a sensitivity of over 10x that of a standard, air-cored Rogowski Coil sensor.

On-line Partial Discharge Detection and Monitoring on MV Networks

The paper presents the application and recent experiences of on-line partial discharge (PD) measurements on electricity distribution networks. Such testing allows the insulation condition of cables and plant to be assessed without de-energisation and can be used as a tool both for substation safety and to ensure reliability of the network.

Deployment of Distributed On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring Devices on Medium Voltage Electricity Networks

This paper describes the development and deployment of new portable On-Line Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring devices for the condition monitoring of medium voltage (MV) cables and switchgear. The authors describe the technologies and methodologies which have been developed to enable complete network monitoring to be achieved in both small and large MV distribution networks.

On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) Spot Testing and Monitoring of HV Cable Sealing Ends

This paper presents recent on-line partial discharge (OLPD) testing and software data analysis work carried out to develop a suitable and robust method for on-line PD spot testing and monitoring of in-service, energised HV outdoor cable sealing ends.

EDF Energy Identifies High-Risk Cable Sections

This article explains how EDF Energy used on-line partial discharge mapping to determine the integrity of aging cables on its underground MV network.

New Techniques for On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) Testing of Solid-Insulated Outdoor MV and HV Plant

This paper presents detailed new techniques for on-line partial discharge (OLPD) testing of the in-service, solid-insulated, MV and HV plant located in outdoor environments.

On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) Testing of Outdoor HV Plant - Applying Experiences from 10 Years of PD Testing Indoors

This paper presents some new applications of on-line PD monitoring to outdoor solid-insulated MV/HV plant such current transformers, voltage transformers and cable sealing ends.

On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) Testing - Now A Field Reality

This paper describes the application of a range of On-Line Partial Discharge (PD) Test Technologies suitable for the On-Line PD testing, monitoring and screening of both medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) plant.

Partial Discharge Measurements and Damage to High Voltage Cables

This paper details an a case at EDF Energy in London where a section of PILC cable with partial discharge activity was excavated and analysed.

Fault Location Techniques for one of the World's Longest AC Interconnector Cables

This paper details time-domain reflectometery (TDR) tests carried out on the 90 kV AC subsea interconnect cable between the electrical distribution system on the Isle of Man and the UK mainland power system.

MV Cable Diagnostics - Applying On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) Testing And Monitoring

The cable fault rate in most UK electricity distribution companies has been gradually increasing over the past decade and this trend is considered to be likely to accelerate as the average 'asset age' of the cable network continues to rise.

New Methods in On-line PD Detection for HV Plant

Partial discharge (PD) is becoming increasingly viewed as the best diagnostic for insulation, particularly for on-line measurements. Clearly this applies to insulation which exhibits and is degraded by PD activity.

PD Monitoring - A Critical Tool For Condition-Based Assessments

The United Kingdom's electricity supply industry will face a new set of challenges over the next decade as it strives to improve and maintain supply standards while minimizing operations and maintenance (O&M) costs.

An Integrated Approach To On-Line PD Monitoring And Diagnosis of MV Plant Condition For Application as A Pre-Maintenance Tool

Through the application of a combination of new PD spot-test equipment, PD location equipment and PD Diagnostics it is now possible for the MV Plant owner to systematically identify the condition of their 'critical' plant and then to constantly monitor this condition through the use of permanent, remotely-accessible on-line monitoring equipment.

Diagnostics for MV cables and Switchgear as a Tool for Effective Asset Management

The introduction of diagnostics into the maintenance and operation of high voltage plant should show clear benefits if it is to be a useful tool in running a competitive electricity distribution company. This paper gives examples of diagnostic methods applied to London's 11kV cable network.

Some Advances in PD Monitoring for High Voltage Cables

Some advances have been made recently with detection of the PD activity of medium voltage cables, using an on-line method of detection. This paper illustrates the relationship between the original VLF (very low frequency) power supply results of PD mapping in medium voltage cables, and the newer on-line monitoring methods. The on-line methods offer the possibility of scanning circuits quickly and relatively cheaply to obtain meaningful PD data for older installed cables.

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