We provide non-invasive OLPD testing and monitoring on oil-drilling vessels, LNG vessels, FPSOs and cruise ships. Our condition monitoring systems developed specifically for the shipping industry meet the requirements of smaller contained MV networks, helping to ensure reliability of the vessel’s generators and drive/pump motors, cables, switchgear and transformers.

Key Services



  • The HVPD Kronos® monitors distributed across the network continuously transfer the insulation condition data to the central HVPD OLPD Measurements Database© for logging, benchmarking and trending to identify the worst-performing circuits.
  • The central HVPD OLPD Measurements Database© holds data from all types of HV assets derived by HVPD from over twenty years of OLPD test experience and generates a simple OLPD Criticality number for the asset, from 0‒100%, through benchmarking and trending.