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Partial Discharge under HVDC Conditions

This paper describes partial discharge (PD) phenomena in HVDC insulation, including diagnostic methods that are being developed.

Best Practice Guideline for the Complete Condition Monitoring (CM) of Offshore Wind Farm (OWF) Cable Networks

The paper presents an overview and ‘best practice guidelines’ for the condition monitoring of off-shore windfarm cables from installation and commissioning through to service life.

The Adoption of Best Practices for Insulation Condition Assessment and Condition Monitoring of OWF HVAC Export and MVAC Inter-array Cables: Preliminary Field Trial Results

This paper is an extension of the work published by the authors in the 2013 EWEA Offshore Conference in Nov 2013 on the importance of ‘holistic’ insulation condition monitoring (CM) and testing, both at the commissioning/acceptance phase and then into the service life of the cable networks. To further improve the CM of the cable networks in the OWF market sector, the authors present a new system (OHVMS) that is capable of monitoring the state and condition of the network.

A 'Holistic', Combined Electrical and Mechanical Condition Monitoring System for the Next Generation of 6MW+ Offshore Wind 'Super' Turbines

The authors propose a new, combined electrical and mechanical condition monitoring (CM) solution for the new generation of 6MW+ turbines generators, utilising a combination of 'Quadplex' SMART sensors and vibration sensors, connected to a remote-access CM system that is located in the turbine nacelle. These sensors are used to measure partial discharge (PD), power quality/harmonics, overvoltage and overcurrent transients and vibration.

Insulation Condition Assessment of Offshore Wind Farm Export and Inter-array Cables

The authors argue that In order to minimise the risk of high voltage insulation faults and resultant unplanned outages of offshore wind farm export and inter-array cables, it is recommended that insulation condition monitoring (CM) and testing should be carried out, both at the commissioning/acceptance phase and then into the service life of the cables.

Combined Power Quality and Condition Monitoring of Offshore MV and HV Cable Networks

The paper presents an overview of some of the electrical condition monitoring (CM) solutions that are being developed by HVPD and our partners in the offshore renewables industry. These solutions will be able to provide an early warning against incipient subsea cable insulation faults and will help to avert expensive unplanned outages.

Combined Power Quality and Condition Monitoring of Offshore Network Cabling Systems and Installations

This paper asserts that combined power quality and condition monitoring, based on advanced, flexible and real-time sensing, diagnostic and controlling intelligence, can offer an effective solution for reducing operating and maintenance costs of monitored offshore network cables and related installations.


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