Data Centres

The efficient performance of data centres relies on a dependable electrical power supply including HV substations, standby generators, and Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems. With the average cost of failure of $7,900 per minute, it is operators' priority to maximise uptime and reduce business disruption. To support these goals, we work closely with our customers and implement non-invasive testing and continuous monitoring solutions.

Condition Monitoring Services for Data Centres

  • Partial discharge scans
  • Supply of simple, handheld PD screening units which can be routinely used to scan your assets by Facilities Managers, Reliability and Maintenance Staff
  • Diagnostic and commissioning off-line PD testing to detect any insulation problems with plant equipment
  • Permanent PD sensor supply and installation to enable routine tests to be carried out by your staff without the requirement for an outage


red_tick.png Maximised Uptime   red_tick.png Improved Reliability   red_tick.png Increased Safety   red_tick.png Extended Asset Life   red_tick.png Significant Savings

Complete Network Monitoring Solutions for Data Centres