Industry‑Specific Condition Monitoring Solutions

HVPD supply innovative, industry‑specific on‑line partial discharge (OLPD) test and monitoring solutions for in‑service condition assessment of power cables, switchgear, motors and generators, and transformers of voltage rating 3.3 kV and above. Suitable for MV, HV and EHV assets, these solutions give an early warning of developing faults in the insulation, helping to avoid costly equipment failures and unplanned network outages. HVPD's 4‑phase asset management approach provides for a systematic and cost effective methodology which can identify, locate, monitor and manage PD activity within our client's MV/HV/EHV network.


Oil and Gas

HVPD test and monitor assets for customers both onshore and offshore in upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.


Data Centres

The efficient performance of data centres relies on a dependable electrical power supply including HV substations, standby generators, and Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems. We work closely with our customers to implement non-invasive testing and continuous monitoring solutions.


Transmission and Distribution

Our equipment is used to test and monitor all types of MV, HV and EHV plant including switchgear, power cables, transformers, CTs/VTs, and in both public utilities and private networks. 


Power Generation

We supply condition‑based assessment of MV and HV networks in the power generation industry with the main focus on on‑line partial discharge (OLPD) monitoring of large generators, motors and transformers rated from 3.3 to 15 kV, onshore and offshore.



We provide non-invasive OLPD testing and monitoring on oil-drilling vessels, LNG vessels, FPSOs and cruise ships. 



Having an extensive experience in offshore and onshore cable PD test services, we are committed to developing cost-beneficial solutions for our renewable energy customers.