Stator Condition Assessment of HV Motors and Generators

OLPD testing is widely accepted in the oil and gas and power generation industries as the best way to assess the stator winding condition of motors and generators from 6.6 kV to 30 kV. Our unique, patented, Queen's Awards for Enterprise winning technology is designed specifically for remote OLPD continuous monitoring of HV Ex/ATEX motors. This method is achieved by installing OLPD sensors and monitoring units at the network’s central switchboard, without entering the hazardous zone.

Features and Benefits

  • Identifies sites of localised HV stator winding insulation damage ahead of scheduled preventative maintenance outages, enabling preventative action to be taken before a fault develops.
  • Continuous OLPD assessment of the stator winding condition using OLPD monitos under both normal working conditions and abnormal variations produces a more accurate fault diagnosis.
  • Automatic differentiation between the slot‑section discharges and the end‑winding discharges. This is a useful distinction since repairing the latter is significantly cheaper.
  • HVPD's new, patented technology for the remote OLPD monitoring of line-fed Ex/ATEX HV motors using HFCT sensors located at the switchboard means that the stator condition can be monitored without having to enter the Ex/ATEX hazardous gas zone.