Complete HV Network Monitoring

The avoidance of one unplanned outage immediately pays back the cost of the system

HVPD's condition monitoring solution provides an early warning of incipient HV insulation faults, helping network operators to avoid unplanned outages. The knowledge of the fault severity and source within the network is crucial for the operator to avoid unexpected downtime and lost output, which can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds per day. The cost of the system pays back immediately when a single critical failure is prevented through the continuous benchmarking of condition monitoring data. 

HVPD’s complete high voltage (HV) network on-line partial discharge (OLPD) condition monitoring (CM)  system solution involves distributing OLPD sensors and monitoring nodes at strategic locations across the HV network with different OLPD sensors and monitor configurations applied depending on the HV asset to be monitored.

This unique solution from HVPD incorporates one patented CM module and two patent-pending CM modules to enable the continuous OLPD monitoring of complete HV networks including transformers, cables, switchgear, motors and generators. The patented CM module provides for the remote OLPD monitoring of direct-fed Ex/ATEX (Hazardous Gas) HV motor circuits.

A second patent-pending solution for the reliable OLPD monitoring of VSD-operated Ex/ATEX HV motors is combined with a third CM module that provides OLPD monitoring coverage for transformers, generators cable circuits and switchgear.

These three technologies are combined into a complete HV network monitoring system with data passed via LAN to a partial discharge monitoring server (PDMS) located at the control room of a facility with secure remote data access to provide data analysis, benchmarking, trending and reporting through a graphical user interface (GUI) ‘mimic’ of the power network’s single-line diagram (SLD).

The HVPD Kronos® distributed across the network continuously transfer the insulation condition data to the central HVPD OLPD Measurements Database© for logging, benchmarking and trending to identify the worst-performing circuits.