Detection and Location of Potential Failure Sites in Power Cables

PD can occur in any MV or HV cable operated at 3.3 kV or above. Our testing can locate potential failure sites to within 1% of a cable's overall length using the technique of On-line Cable Mapping.

Features and Benefits

  • Avoidance of unplanned network outages, means cost savings for the end-user
  • Continuous condition assessment for vital networks provides certainty and peace of mind
  • Increased safety for operational staff and the public
  • Effective asset management of ageing assets, which means capital replacement costs can be programmed, and savings achieved
  • PD site location along the length of the cable, ensures quick and accurate repairs are possible, saving time and money
  • Condition assessment during plant commissioning tests to avoid premature failure of assets
  • Troubleshooting and failure investigations

Customer Feedback

“We have implemented HVPD OLPD (on-line partial discharge) testing methodology for the last 2.5 years and it has been a tremendous success. Before then, we encountered 2 different HV cable failures that delayed our process for over a week and that caused a lot of money in both repair cost and lost revenue. Ever since we implemented this technology from HVPD, we have pro-actively detected high PD on some cables and have pro-actively maintained them by either re-splicing them to eliminated the high PD side or replacing the cables entirely. This is good technology and it works for us. The test is online and non-invasive.”

- Steel Manufacturer, USA