Level II Training

Intermediate Course on Plant Specific Testing

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This Level II - Intermediate course on plant-specific on-line partial discharge (PD) testing and monitoring techniques comprises of four technical seminars on the OLPD testing and monitoring of cables, switchgear, transformers and rotating HV machines, with advanced diagnostic laboratory PD testing (including simulated OLPD cable mapping) conducted in small groups.
Delegates should include engineers and managers involved in asset management of MV/HV/EHV networks who have an interest using on-line partial discharge (OLPD) technology as part of a condition-based, asset management approach.
Upon completion of the course, attendees are expected to have gained a more advanced theoretical understanding of PD and to have enhanced their practical skillset in test and monitoring techniques and methodology through the advanced diagnostic laboratory PD testing. This will be tested in the HVPD Level II Exam.


  • On-line PD Testing and Diagnostics of Switchgear
  • On-line PD Testing and Diagnostics of Transformers
  • On-line PD Testing and Diagnostics of MV and HV Power Cables
  • On-line PD Testing and Monitoring of HV Rotating Machines
  • HVPD HV Faraday Test Facility: Practical PD testing session (Testing of trains Voltage Transformer and Corona PD demo and Cable Mapping Demo)

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