Monitoring Database

Condition Monitoring Service Contracts

We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of ongoing technical support through Condition Monitoring HVPD_-_Service_Contract_Logo.jpg
Service Contracts. Uniquely in the market, HVPD provide a dedicated condition monitoring service in conjunction with HVPD Kronos® monitoring technology and the HVPD OLPD Measurements Database© to provide continuous condition monitoring to support Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM).  
Our database holds a large population of measurement data from all types of HV assets, from over 20 years' experience in OLPD testing, allows comparison and benchmarking of PD activity in a customer's network against a wider asset population.
The monitoring service approach avoids false alarms as any trends outside the norm are initially flagged and then investigated by our dedicated monitoring engineers. 

What We Offer

Comparison and benchmarking of OLPD activity in the network across the assets to the HVPD OLPD Measurements Database© which holds data from all types of HV assets derived from over 20 years’ experience
Database user interface with all condition data superimposed onto a bespoke single-line diagram (SLD) of the network
Periodic condition monitoring reports including updating of data to the latest HVPD OLPD Measurements Database© 
Annual software upgrades, including updates in line with the HVPD OLPD Measurements Database© 
Diagnostic recommendations and maintenance intervention advice
Technical support from HVPD engineers by phone or email on any identified incidents
Extended hardware warranty  
Annual site visit to perform servicing of the monitor hardware and to perform fault location