Thermographic Surveys

To complement HVPD’s On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) test services, we now offer thermographic surveys to detect both thermal and partial discharge related issues. Thermographic surveys identify localised heating and can pinpoint poor connections, overloaded circuits, failing components or imbalanced loads on the equipment under test.

Thermographic surveys are quick and efficient, with thermal photographs stored against the visible light photograph to easily identify the plant under test during analysis. Combined OLPD and thermographic surveys support the Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) programme and provide an early warning of any incipient faults. 

Features and Benefits

  • Complements On-line Partial Discharge surveys
  • Non-invasive, on-line testing allowing an early fault detection and immediate preventative action
  • Tests are performed with High Performance Infrared Camera
  • Certified FLIR ITC Level 1 Thermographers – proficient in heat transfer and infrared theory, and thermal software analysis
  • Accurate temperature measurements, calibrated within +/– 2% or +/– 2°C of reading with up to 5 spot temperature measurements