Engineering Site Surveys

Site Surveys and PD Screening

Site surveys and partial discharge (PD) screening/scanning represents Phase 1 - Identify of our 4-Phase Asset Management. Many of our projects begin with a 2-3 day engineering evaluation of the client's MV, HV or EHV network – the site survey report provides initial asset management recommendations based on the baseline on‑line partial discharge (OLPD) test results. We have extensive applications knowledge from partial discharge testing and monitoring of in‑service plant operating at up to 750 kV, across a number of industries, and use it to develop solutions that meet the client's network requirements and budget.


  • Assessment of site suitability for OLPD testing, and identification of the best and safest OLPD sensor attachment points
  • Identification of any requirements for outage 
  • Baseline OLPD testing of plant items 
  • Site demonstrations of OLPD equipment
  • Evaluation of electrical noise levels on‑site with view of implementing bespoke noise filtering solutions
  • Diagnosis and location of any measured PD activity