Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Plant Condition Monitoring

On-line Partial Discharge monitoring is regarded as the best early warning indicator of insulation degradation within in-service critical assets. It measures the PD activity of in-service plant under both normal and abnormal operating conditions allowing operators and asset managers to identify time varying and environmentally-driven PD activity in the HV network. With the monitoring in place early warnings from developing faults can be detected.
The HVPD Kronos® Permanent Monitor provides 24/7, continuous, diagnostic insulation condition assessment of in-service HV plant, including cables, switchgear, rotating machines and transformers.


  • Suitable for all types of plant rated at 3.3 kV and above
  • Detects and logs load‑varying and intermittent PD activity
  • Automatic analysis of PD pulses
  • Bespoke to customer network's requirements
  • Remote access connection via LAN or GPRS
  • Comprehensive service contracts

Continuous Monitoring Options

Local and Remote Access

The network condition criticality information can be accessed locally in the control room, or remotely via the HVPD OLPD Monitoring Database© that incorporates HVPD's Critical Condition Benchmarking© (CCB) algorithms.