On-line Services

Here at HVPD we provide a wide range of on-line partial discharge services, our team of engineers are certified with BOSIET, MIST, Working at Height and Rescue and site specific authorisation qualifications to achieve unrivalled safety performance and management of projects.
Site Surveys

Site Surveys and PD Screening

We begin by carrying out a test survey and engineering evaluation of our client's MV/HV networks with asset management recommendations based on the basline on-line partial discharge test results in the site survey report.
Continuous Monitoring

Diagnostic On-line Services

Live plant OLPD testing, diagnostics and extended monitoring without any costly interruption of service. This service is performed using the HVPD Longshot™ PD Diagnostic System with sensors attached to the cable’s earth connections a range of applications.


Continuous OLPD Monitoring

Our PD monitoring service allows a more in-depth OLPD assessment to be made. By continuously monitoring PD any variations over time can be identified for example with loading or humidity. With monitoring in place early warnings from developing faults can be detected.

Installation and Commissioning

Equipment Installation and Commissioning

Our installation and commissioning team installs temporary or permanent OLPD sensors and monitoring systems at the customer’s facilities including hardware and software network infrastructure integration.

Thermographic Surveys

Our thermographic surveys are used to identify thermal issues in conjunction with partial discharge testing. Thermographic surveys identify localised heating and can locate poor connections, overloaded circuits, failing components or imbalanced loads on the equipment under test.

Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA)

We offer MCSA testing as a service to detect and assess mechanical issues within the machine rotor. This is a non-intrusive, on-line test technique used to assess the rotor condition of motors by analysisng the frequency content of the current.