100 kV HV Tst Facility

100 kV High Voltage Test Facility

Our 100 kV HV Test Facility in Manchester, UK is equipped with electromagnetic shielding, providing high resolution (down to 1 pC), off-line PD test capability to IEC 60270 and other industry standards, along with Tan Delta (loss-angle) testing capability. The test facility complements our on-line partial discharge (OLPD) diagnostic technology and test services for in-service plant, and provides our clients with the opportunity to carry out development PD testing on HV cables, plant and other components.


  • Routine PD and type-test services
  • Design consultancy and advice
  • Development testing for HV components
  • Process engineering: problem solving and design troubleshooting
  • Scientific investigations into failures
  • Test and sensor installation training courses

Test Capabilities

  • Testing up to 100 kV, 50 Hz HVAC.
  • Partial Discharge (PD) and Tan Delta (TD) measurements.
  • Voltage withstand testing
  • Low noise level for PD measurements (down to 1 pC using IEC 60270 system)
  • Acoustic PD measurements to detect corona and surface discharge
  • Ultra wideband PD measurements to pinpoint the locations of PD sites
  • Temperature and humidity measurement
  • Low‑light photography (for corona and surface discharges)