Off-line Partial Discharge Testing

We offer an extensive range of off-line diagnostic test services for insulation condition assessment of out-of-service MV and HV plant.
Diagnostic Offline Testing

Diagnostic Off-line PD Testing

HVPD's off‑line diagnostic PD tests can detect any insulation problems with cable/plant equipment at the acceptance/commissioning stage, before it is put into service. Off‑line maintenance tests can also be performed to assess plant insulation condition during planned maintenance outages. 

HV Test Facility

100 kV High Voltage Test Facility

Our 100 kV HV Test Facility in Manchester, UK is equipped with electromagnetic shielding, providing high resolution (down to 1 pC), off-line PD test capability to IEC 60270 and other industry standards, along with Tan Delta (loss-angle) testing capability.

VLF Testing

VLF Diagnostic Test Services

HVPD offer a test service for commissioning and maintenance testing of land and subsea MV cables using 60kV and 90kV Very Low Frequency (VLF) off-line HV test units with partial discharge (PD) and tan delta (TD) diagnostic test modules.

Mobile Diagnostic

Mobile Diagnostic Off-line Cable Test Services

Using the HVPD Test Services Van, we can deliver the most sophisticated diagnostic off-line test services across the UK, including Very Low Frequency (VLF), Partial Discharge, Tan Delta, Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) finger printing of cables, Insulation Resistance (RI) and Polarisation Index (PI).