The HVPD Kronos® GIS monitor can be used as part of our unique remote monitoring solution, in conjunction with HFCT sensors in your cable termination box, allowing you to monitor all assets across the complete High Voltage (HV) and Medium Voltage (MV) network from one interface.

In addition, the integrated Ultra High Frequency (UHF) converter allows you to utilise the HVPD Kronos® GIS monitor non-intrusively with any previously-installed UHF sensors, enabling you to update your condition-based monitoring while avoiding further outages. Our solution is IEC 61850 compliant.


Why monitoring GIS as part of a Complete Network Monitoring Programme is so important?


Partial Discharge may occur in any High Voltage (HV) asset operating at 3.3kV and above. Most PD Monitoring systems operate in the high-frequency ranges of the spectrum, at 3-30MHz. However, GIS sensors operate in the Ultra High-Frequency range at 300MHz to 3GHz and PD data sets received on two different frequencies are normally incompatible, making PD monitoring of your complete network on one system more challenging.

Using our UHF converter to convert UHF PD signals to HF, HVPD is able to measure PD activity at frequencies above those of common disturbances. And when used in conjunction with HFCT sensors at the cable terminations, HVPD can offer a Complete Network Monitoring Solution of all HV assets including GIS.

PD monitoring is an essential part of any electrical condition monitoring programme, as it is the best early warning indicator of incipient faults in GIS due to insulation degradation. Unplanned outages due to GIS switchgear failures can cost millions of pounds in equipment replacement cost and loss of income, for example, the failure of only one 315 kV GIS bay resulted in £0.9M equipment replacement cost. This is not to mention the cost of compensation, penalties or fines for loss-of-energy generation or energy importation/transfer which can be up to ten times higher than equipment replacement costs.

By providing diagnostic information in real-time of the complete HV network, corrective action may be taken, these failures can be avoided.  Synonymous with this, there is the ever-present need for safety, not only in transmission and distribution, but across all sectors.


About HVPD’s GIS Solution


UHF Barrier Sensors are attached over the insulation barriers of the GIS, which is then connected to the HVPD Kronos® UHF Sensor Node, which houses our UHF Converter. The HVPD Kronos® UHF Sensor Node can convert PD data from up to six sensors.

The HVPD Kronos® UHF Sensor Node is then connected via co-axial cable to the HVPD Kronos® Permanent monitor, which is available in four, six and 24-channel inputs. This enables the customer to connect additional assets via TEV and HFCT sensors and implement HVPD’s patented continuous remote monitoring solution.


Real-time PD data captured by the HVPD Kronos® GIS monitoring system is available to view at all times on the HVPD Kronos® WebView for all sites and networks, sent from a local server running HVPD Kronos® Ultimate Software. HVPD has networking solutions for a variety of protocols, including Modbus, DNP3 and a number of SCADA systems to enable data integration and remote accessibility for detailed data analysis.

HVPD GIS Digital


There are different types of PD defects which can be detected within the GIS using by setting data analysis rules.

types of partial discharge GIS

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