Partial Discharge Testing and Monitoring to Support Asset Reliability

In lower-for-longer wholesale price conditions, operator margins are squeezed more than ever. This is in turn demanding more from the assets driving oil and gas extraction, production, processing and supply. Coupled with ageing assets and infrastructure nearing the end of its design-life, operators need to do more with less, without compromising the reliability of their assets.

Our PD test and monitoring systems help oil and gas operators keep their production operations up and running, by providing the best early warning indicator of electrical insulation deterioration in Medium and High Voltage networks. This includes rotating machines, VSD machines, switchgear, cables, and transformers.



High Voltage Testing throughout Asset Service Life with our Range of Test Services



Continuous PD monitoring to evaluate insulation condition in service

  • Our On-line PD Monitoring System provides immediate notification of concerning insulation degradation in critical HV assets on the network.
  • Monitor motors in hazardous gas zone with PD sensors installed remotely at the central switchgear using a patented technique.
  • Solutions to monitor high voltage motors driven by variable speed drives.
  • Connect to any existing pre-installed PD couplers in rotating machines.
  • Ex/ATEX rated options available.
  • User interface collates insulation condition for all monitored assets.
  • Cloud integration, SCADA interface, and remotely accessible.



Prepare for On-line PD Spot Testing and Monitoring with Permanent PD Sensor Installation

  • PD sensors are installed to facilitate On-line PD spot testing and continuous monitoring.
  • Installing sensors at the build stage, or during a planned outage, can avoid any future shutdowns for PD monitoring or testing.
  • Ex/ATEX rate sensor options available.




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