Better Maintenance Decisions across the Value Chain

With extra pressure on production capacity caused by increased market demand, producers in turn require more informed maintenance decision-making, and to improve the safety of on-site personnel.

From pit to port, it’s these operational and strategic objectives which our on-line Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring technology is proven to support, delivering safer, more productive electrical networks.




Detect Insulation Defects At-site during Commissioning and Routine Maintenance

  • Full range of test services for on-line and off-line PD testing to determine insulation health.
  • High voltage testing with PD and insulation diagnostics to detect defects before assets put into service.
  • Read more about our range of Test Services here.




Test Switchgear, Cables, Rotating Machines, and Transformers whilst In-service with On-line PD Spot Testing



Monitor PD in Critical Assets with Continuous On-line PD Monitoring

  • Immediate notification of concerning insulation degradation in critical HV assets on the network.
  • User interface collates insulation condition for all monitored assets.
  • Cloud integration, SCADA interface, and remotely accessible.
  • Read more about our On-line PD Monitoring System.



Prepare for On-line PD Spot Testing and Monitoring with Permanent PD Sensor Installation

  • PD sensors are installed to facilitate On-line PD spot testing and continuous monitoring of critical HV assets.
  • Having sensors permanently installed avoids the need for outages to temporarily attach and remove PD sensors for the purpose of conducting On-line PD spot test measurements.
  • Read more about our PD sensors.










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