PDS Insight™ 2

Detect and trend Partial Discharge (PD) to ensure the safety and reliability of your MV assets

HVPD’s PDS Insight™ 2 Is a Handheld On-line PD Detection Unit for Condition-based Maintenance and Substation Access Safety

Simple to use, with minimal set-up required, this handheld device can be placed in the palm of your hand for safe, reliable testing of MV electrical assets.

Can Be Used on the Following Assets:

Compatible Sensors:

Measure Peak PD levels, PD Pulse Count and Cumulative PD Activity

Use built-in Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) and acoustic sensors to detect PD activity. Our colour-coded PD criticality level helps to inform whether further investigation of the asset is required.

Phase Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD) Feature

The PRPD feature in the PDS Insight™ 2 helps to differentiate misleading background noise from true PD sources, helping to ensure you avoid in-service failures and costly unplanned outages.

Barcode Scanner

Scan with the built-in barcode scanner to link each asset to a Point of Attachment (POA) label for consistent measurements and trending within the OLPD Manager™ Software.

OLPD Manager™ Software

Analyse and report on new and historic PD Data using this dedicated application. With data transfer via USB, the software enables asset and substation registration, PD data analysis, benchmarking and trending of PDS Insight™ 2 data.

HFCT Sensor

Compatible with HFCT sensor for measuring PD activity in cables.

Available in Two Kit Options to Suit Your PD Testing Requirements

Kit 1: A basic kit that includes headphones & battery chargers for PD detection of switchgear and transformers.

Kit 2: This kit includes everything in Kit 1 and an HFCT sensor which allows you to test for PD in cables.

Outdoor Acoustic Parabolic Receiver

For measuring surface discharge and corona in outdoor switchyards and other air insulated plant.

Indoor Acoustic Probe

For measuring PD in difficult to reach vents and seams where the acoustic signals emanate from inside MV air insulated switchgear.