HVPD – IET Partner News, Spring 2021

HVPD support UK wind farm operators in maintaining reliable HV networks

Detecting degradation in electrical insulation plays a crucial part in maintaining high reliability of wind farm export and inter-array High Voltage (HV) networks. HVPD have been supporting onshore and offshore wind farm operators across the UK through Partial Discharge (PD) test services on the entire network from substations through to export and inter-array cables to wind turbine transformers. PD can occur due to voids or imperfections in insulation that will eventually lead to treeing or tracking. PD detection thus gives an indication of an incipient fault prior to insulation breakdown; it is a useful tool both for assessment of new equipment and as part of safe site access protocols and Condition Based Maintenance programs on operating sites.

The HVPD test team are fully qualified to work offshore with certifications including BOSIET and GWO and carry out PD testing at all stages in the lifespan of high voltage equipment, from factory tests through to at-site commissioning and during operation and maintenance.

PD testing in the factory and during commissioning or after repair helps ensure the insulation system in good condition prior to putting into service.  Defects which may not cause immediate failure during high voltage withstand testing can also be detected.  Once a wind farm is in-service, non-intrusive On-line PD testing can detect and locate any early stages of insulation deterioration whilst the asset is under normal operating conditions. By having an overview of the insulation condition of the entire HV network, operation and maintenance teams can trend any issues and make interventions to avoid in service failures.

If you would like to know more information on PD testing, get in touch with HVPD at info@hvpd.co.uk 

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