Our Departments

Here at HVPD we have 5 departments ranging from Test and Installation to Commercial and Administration. Here you can find out what each departments is for and why it is essential to the company.

Test and Installation Services  Test and Installation Services

Our Test & Installation Services department is made up of a team of Test & Installation Engineers who deliver our services to our customers worldwide.
Places they have visited include Abu Dhabi, Russia, Algeria, Norway, the Bahamas, China, and the US & Canada just to name a few.
They have completed tests, installs, site surveys and demos on offshore oil & gas platforms, substations, wind turbines, data centres and more! They also attend a wide variety of exhibitions, conferences and events representing HVPD by presenting papers, case studies and demonstrating equipment across the world.

Commercial  Commercial

Our Commercial team incorporates both our sales and marketing employees as one team. Our Sales team consists of Account Managers, Administrators and Technical Sales Engineers that work alongside the Commercial Director completing quotes, sales order reviews and tenders for our global network of customers and agents/distributors.
Our Marketing team promote and sell our products and services with their duties including market research, advertising, facilitating training & event management, alongside supporting our Technical team with design and drawing requirements.

Production  Production

At our head office in Salford Quays, our ground floor consists of a production workshop and office. We employ several Production Operatives and Technicians who manufacture and test our products, alongside our Shipping and Purchasing departments who ensure our products are manufactured and delivered on time – all headed up by our Production Manager.
Our Production and Administration teams also work together to maintain and support our external Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety certifications.

Software and Development  Software and Hardware Development

Our Development team includes Hardware & Software Engineers and Draughtsmen that work in-house (and sometimes onsite) on our product design & developments and existing product range.
They also work alongside our Project Manager, who works closely with the Commercial department, on delivering large scale Installation & Commissioning projects.

Administration Administration

The Admin team duties cover a wide range of the day-to-day business activities including reception cover, HR management, Travel administration and Financial operations.
Most employees in the Administration department are part of our Operations team (alongside Production/Purchasing reps) who meet bi-monthly to ensure the smooth running of the business day in day out.

Life at HVPD  Life at HVPD

We interviewed a cross section of our employees to give you an insight into they’re work at HVPD, what they most like about working here and what advise they would give to aspiring employees

Senior Software Engineer


When did you join HVPD?

I joined HVPD 5 years ago from a Business Analysis job. I knew that I wanted to change to a more practical software development role, I started as a Junior Software developer, and after successful projects I became a Senior Software Engineer in 2015.

What is one of your most memorable moments working for HVPD?

The release of the PDS Insight™ and OLPD Manager™ App, both of which I had an integral role in developing. I have also worked on-site in Azerbaijan and in the UK, including at an oil processing plant and an outdoor substation, visiting these was very memorable and a unique opportunity for a software developer!

What advice would you give to people seeking a job at HVPD?

You have to be able to admit what you don’t know, but have a solution of how you’d find the information, or who you’d ask. Take an interest in as many different subject areas as possible, not just software, but physics and electronics. Be passionate about building and extending your understanding. Be flexible and open to achieving goals in different ways.

Senior Test and Development Engineer

Lewis Dodd

When did you join HVPD?

I joined in March 2013 after studying for a BEng in Electronic and Communication Engineering and an MSc in Sustainable Electrical Power.

What do you do at HVPD?

I am part of both the test team and development team at HVPD. I am involved in on-site testing and training and also help develop current and future products,

What do you like most about working for HVPD?

Being part of both the Test and Development teams allows me to take site feedback from personal experience and then work with the development team to improve our services. Being able to take those improvements back out to customer sites and see the teams’ suggestions in use is a great feeling.

What led you to a career in engineering?

I always enjoyed maths and science at school and electrical engineering allows you to combine those into physical objects that people use.

What is the most unusual thing in your desk drawer?

My drawer is full of various bits and bobs like resistors, cables and notebooks. I do have a tray with spare currency from test visits as far as Kazakhstan, Bahrain, the US and Grimsby.


Account Manager


What do you do at HVPD?

I am an Account Manager and support for our Commercial Director. There are various tasks I do on a day to day basis including developing new business opportunities, retaining existing customers, and working alongside our engineers on large scale £M projects to tailor solutions for our customers. Each day is different and every day you face a new challenge.

What do you like most about working for HVPD?

The people, they are always friendly and helpful, truly helpful not only for work related things.

What led you to a career in sales?

I like the fast paced environment where you need to take responsibility for your own workload - this is what sales is about. I enjoy seeing the measurable results of my work.

What advice would you give to people seeking a job at HVPD?

Do not be shy; be enthusiastic with a head full of ideas. Be yourself, and remember, everyone gets nervous during an interview! 


Production Technician


What do you do at HVPD?

I work in the Production Department assembling and testing company equipment. As part of my role, I create documentation on the various test and Assembly procedures, based upon information provided by the Development team. In addition to this, I help provide training in our HV Test cage to new employees and external clients during Level 1 training sessions.

What led you to a career in Production Assembly?

Electrical Engineering was actually my second career choice; I joined a YTS course then worked and studied at other Electronic companies. I attained my HNC in Electronic Engineering before studying Electrical Installations and Wiring Regulations shortly before moving to HVPD in 2011.

What do you like most about working for HVPD?

It’s a forward thinking company, which continually develops new products. There is always something new on the horizon and new product to learn how to assemble and test.

Quality Assurance and Purchasing Assistant


When did you join HVPD?

I came to the UK from Slovakia in 2012, straight from studying International Trade at university. I gained a certificate in Advanced English within a year and in October 2013; I received an outstanding opportunity at HVPD which made me stay in this lovely country.

What do you like most about working for HVPD?

Firstly, it is the amount you get to learn from our senior management team, who work alongside our employees on a daily basis. My two managers have got years of experience in various fields and are a bottomless pit of information, know-how and people management skills. Secondly, it is the company’s individual approach to each of its employees. Even though HVPD is a relatively small company, there is great room for your professional development. All the training you receive is perfectly designed not only around HVPD’s goals but also around your professional ones.

What is the most unusual thing in your desk drawer?

Various chocolates and sweets to keep our Production Manager happy.

Finance and HR Assistant


When did you join HVPD?

I joined HVPD in 2015, when I was offered an apprenticeship in Business and Administration.

What do you do at HVPD?

I am a Finance and HR assistant. Within this role I work alongside our Financial Controller and HR Manager in day to day tasks including: invoicing, processing sales orders, reporting and holiday requests.

What do you like most about working for HVPD?

I’ve always wanted to work in a place that allowed you to grow as a person and progress through the company with a chance to develop into new roles, HVPD does exactly that. 

What led you to a career in Finance and HR?

Through education I have always had an interest in Maths, this has naturally lead me into finance. Whilst doing my Business Admin Apprenticeship I got chance to experience roles which I really enjoyed. 

What’s the most unusual thing in your desk drawer?

A World Map, to know where our engineers and products are going to be based for each project.

Travel Coordinator


When did you join HVPD?

I joined HVPD in March 2014.

What do you do at HVPD?

I’m the Travel Coordinator and PA to the Commercial Director. Some of my duties include: organising flights, hotels etc. for jobs, exhibitions and sales visits.

What do you like most about working for HVPD?

The friendly atmosphere and colleagues who are always happy to provide assistance and work together as a team. The fantastic opportunities to progress within the company, the flexible working hours and the great social events.

What led you to a career in Travel Coordination?

I wanted to leave my previous job in Recruitment and focus on building and developing my career in a role that utilised my Travel & Hospitality Business Management degree.

HVPD appealed to me as it offered the career opportunity I was looking for and the chance to develop into new roles and take on extra responsibilities.