With over 30 years’ experience, HVPD supplies a comprehensive range of equipment to detect and monitor on-line Partial Discharge (PD) for the condition assessment of in-service power cables, switchgear, motors and generators, and transformers rated at 3.3 kV and above. Suitable for Medium Voltage (MV), High Voltage (HV) and Extra High Voltage (EHV) assets, our Partial Discharge testing and monitoring technology not only helps make networks safer, it provides customers with the best early warning indicator of developing insulation faults, helping them to avoid costly failures and resulting unplanned network outages. Our Head Office, Manufacturing and Training Facility is based in Manchester, UK, and hosts a 100 kV Faraday Cage facility. As an international organisation we support our global customers with offices in USA, China, Middle East and Western Australia as well as an extensive network of international channel partners. Businesses that put their faith in HVPD include Chevron, BP, Total, ExxonMobil, International Paper, Freeport LNG, Sabic, SSE, Scottish Power, CNRL, Hong Kong Electric Company, Repsol Sinopec, CNOOC, Shell, Irving Oil, and more. HVPD is proud to have won three Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the categories of Innovation and International Trade (x2) and is committed to reinvesting in research and development year-on-year to stay at the front of our field.

Full Asset Lifecycle

Our technology can be installed at new build sites to monitor Partial Discharge from commissioning of your new assets, we are involved with stakeholders in new build projects from end users and operators, EPCs and system integration with OEMs. Our systems can also be installed as retrofit for brownfield sites for asset life extension as part of Condition Based Maintenance programmes to provide a complete network full asset lifecycle approach.

HVPD works with a variety of MV & HV networks, with exports making up more than 90% of our total sales, demonstrating our truly global footprint in the following industries:

  • Oil & Gas, LNG (Upstream & Downstream)
  • Heavy Industry (Mining, Minerals & Metals)
  • Power Generation (Coal, Natural Gas, Shale, non-renewables)
  • Industrial Private Networks (Data Centres, Paper, Transport, Pharmaceuticals, Leisure)
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Renewables


The two main activities of HVPD are:


HVPD have patented technology for remote monitoring of HV assets that allow sensors to be remotely located so that the PD monitoring can encompass the switchgear cabinet, termination, feeder cable and remote asset (eg transformer, rotating machine).

Supply of PD Products

The product portfolio of HVPD can be divided into four categories:

HVPD Kronos® Permanent Monitor

  • Permanent installation
  • Suitable for monitoring complete HV networks, including cables, switchgear, transformers and rotating HV machines.
  • With 24 sensor inputs, a single HVPD Kronos® Permanent Monitor covers up to six HV motors.
  • The 24-channel HVPD Kronos® captures six signal channels synchronously using its unique Smart Multiplexer.
  • The HVPD Kronos® distributed across an HV network continuously transfer the insulation condition data to the central HVPD On-Line Partial Discharge Measurements Database installed at the customers control centre for logging, benchmarking and trending of data through upload to the HVPD data centre.
  • Generates a simple On-Line Partial Discharge Criticality number for the asset from 0‒100% through benchmarking and trending with the central HVPD On-Line Partial Discharge Measurements Database.
  • Remotely accessible via a wide range of industry communications standards, including Modbus, DNP3.
  • All HVPD Kronos® are networked and communicate back to the central Partial Discharge Monitoring Server (PDMS) for coordination and organisation of data


HVPD Kronos® Portable Monitor

  • Temporary deployed monitoring system
  • Supports Condition-Based Management schemes, reducing unplanned outages, downtime and maintenance costs.
  • The 24-channel HVPD Kronos® Portable Monitor captures six signal channels synchronously using its unique Smart Multiplexer.
  • With 24 sensor inputs, a single HVPD Kronos® Portable Monitor covers up to six HV motors/transformers together with the switchgear and feeder cables.

PDS Insight™

  • Handheld instrument
  • Useful for rapid screening of HV assets including switchgear, cables.

HVPD Kronos® Spot Tester

  • Portable Diagnostic Unit
  • Battery powered
  • Full suite of diagnostic applications including: PD Fault diagnosis, Cable fault location, Off-line PD test, MCSA

Provision of HV Test Services

HVPD provide a wide range of services to our clients both onshore and offshore, ensuring that the best test, sensor and monitoring solution is implemented. Our engineering team work closely with our customers to provide them with a tailored and cost-effective on-line Partial Discharge test and monitoring programme across the complete MV/HV/EHV network.

Online Test Services

HVPD provide a wide range of on-line services including: Partial Discharge Engineering Site Surveys, Partial Discharge Diagnostic On-line Services, Continuous on-line Partial Discharge Monitoring, Sensor and continuous monitor, Installation and Commissioning, Cable Fault Location, Thermographic Surveys and Motor Current Signature Analysis.

Off-line Services

HVPD offer a broad range of off-line services including: Diagnostic Off-line PD Testing, in house testing within our 100 kV High Voltage Test Facility, VLF Diagnostic Test Services and Mobile Diagnostic Off-line Test Services including Partial Discharge, Very Low Frequency (VLF) with or without PD, Insulation Resistance (IR), Tan Delta, Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR), Polarisation Index (PI).


HVPD offer a wide range of training to help you gain understanding of partial discharge. Our training includes: Introductory training into partial discharge, intermediate training on plant specific and CPD accredited on-line Partial Discharge test engineering courses. We also lecture at a number of Universities around the world as subject matter experts.

Our Knowledge is Your Power

The foundations of our extensive knowledge base have been built on the research and development work carried out by the HVPD directors and senior engineers. This knowledge has been passed on to our training, test and customer service engineers who transfer it to our clients through training courses and data analysis service contracts.

We have consistently published the results of our research and development work at a number of international conferences around the world, with more than 50 papers published so far.

Meet the Team

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Business Development & Test Services Director

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Director of Systems Development

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