Airborne Acoustic (AA)

Detect airborne acoustic Partial Discharge (PD) signals

Our Range of AA Sensors Enables Detection of Airborne Acoustic Signals From Corona, Surface Discharges and Tracking in Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS)

This compact ultrasonic sensor has an acoustic pickup designed for the detection of acoustic energy propagating through air. The sensors can be installed permanently during a planned outage or at the build stage of a project to enable On-line PD monitoring or routine spot testing. A temporary or permanent installation of AA sensors can be carried out without an outage if there are air vents or openings in the switchgear housing.

Linearplex AA Sensor Permanently Installed to the Inner Surface of the Switchgear Housing

The AA sensor is compatible for use with the HVPD Kronos® Permanent and HVPD Kronos® Spot Tester.

The AA Lite Sensor Is Magnetically Attached to the Outer Surface of Metal-clad Switchgear, Over Air Vents

It is then connected to the HVPD Kronos® Lite.

AA Sensor Range