PDS Insight™

The World's First On-line Partial Discharge Handheld Test Unit with an Asset Management Application – the OLPD Managerapp

The PDS Insight™, the world’s first handheld On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) test unit to be supplied with a dedicated asset management tablet application – the OLPD Manager™ app. This unique, world-leading handheld test technology combines HVPD’s knowledge from over 20 years of OLPD test technology development with the flexibility and functionality of the Android™ operating system and a 10.1” Tablet PC.
The PDS Insight™ measures PD Levels, PD Pulse Count and Cumulative PD Activity across the 50/60Hz power cycle to enable the severity of any partial discharge activity to be assessed. By combining three (3) types of PD sensor (TEV, HFCT and AA), the unit is suitable for the OLPD testing of most types of in-service medium voltage (MV) cables and plant and OLPD surveying of outdoor high voltage (HV) switchyards. Suitable for OLPD testing of power cables, switchgear, rotating machines and transformers, the handheld unit stores all measurement data on its hard disk that is then synchronised (‘synced’) via Bluetooth® to the OLPD Manager™ app on the supplied tablet 10.1” PC for analysis, benchmarking and trending


  • Supplied with a 10.1" Android™ tablet PC with the OLPD Manager™ asset management application. Both devices support several languages.
  • Incorporates three OLPD sensors: TEV, HFCT & AA.
  • Detects electromagnetic radiation from PD in metal-clad plant (TEV), current impulses from PD in cables and accessories (HFCT), and ultrasonic radiation from PD into air from AIS switchgear and other plant (AA).
  • Combines PD Level, PD Pulse Count and Cumulative PD Activity measurements across the 50/60Hz cycle.
  • An in-built barcode scanner is used with POA barcode labels for automatic repeat testing.
  • The unit displays data on a 3.5" colour LCD screen.
  • Supplied with Bose® QuietComfort® Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones as standard (to listen to airborne acoustic (AA) PD activity in noisy environments).
  • Supplied with a Smart Docking Station for charging, data download and function checking of the unit.
  • Onboard data storage on the handheld for quick testing and Bluetooth® communication to the 10.1" Tablet PC for post test data analysis and trending.
  • NEW Data export - All measurements can be downloaded into a CSV file to enable filtering measurements and peak values.
  • NEW Recall the 5 second peaks graph - The peak graph recorded with the HVPD PDS Insight™ can now be displayed and recalled on the tablet.
  • NEW 13 Languages options: English, Chinese, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Japanese and Arabic.
The PDS Insight™ represents a large leap forward in terms of handheld partial discharge test technology available in the market, it being the first handheld supplied with an accompanying data collection and analysis tablet PC application, the OLPD Manager™ app. With a built-in barcode scanner and unique point of attachment (POA) barcode labels, the new unit heralds a new generation of handheld OLPD test technology where measurement data can be automatically collected, downloaded and analysed quickly and easily using the OLPD Manager™ app on the supplied Android ™ tablet PC

— Dr Lee Renforth, Managing Director

Field Applications

Testing with the new PDS Insight™ and Indoor Acoustic Probe 


Barcode Scanning of a Point of Attachment (POA) label 

Outdoor HV Plant OLPD screening with the Parabolic Receiver extension unit

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