Complete HV Network Monitoring

The avoidance of one unplanned outage immediately pays back the cost of the system

HVPD's condition monitoring solution provides an early warning of incipient HV insulation faults, helping network operators to avoid unplanned outages. The knowledge of the fault severity and source within the network is crucial for the operator to avoid unexpected downtime and lost output, which can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds per day. The cost of the system pays back immediately when a single critical failure is prevented through the continuous benchmarking of condition monitoring data. 

How It Works

This solution uses HFCT sensors and monitoring units installed at the central switchboard and is based on the patented remote on-line partial discharge monitoring technique for Ex/ATEX HV motors, developed by HVPD and Chevron. The innovators in this field, we are also the only company in the world that applies the remote OLPD monitoring to assess the condition of complete HV networks, including power cables, switchgear, transformers and rotating machines.

HVPD OLPD Monitoring Database© 

The HVPD Kronos® distributed across the network continuously transfer the insulation condition data to the central HVPD OLPD Measurements Database© for logging, benchmarking and trending to identify the worst-performing circuits.


Customer Feedback

“We have implemented HVPD OLPD (On-line Partial Discharge) testing methodology for the last 2.5 years and it has been a tremendous success. Before then, we encountered 2 different HV cable failures that delayed our process for over a week and that caused a lot of money in both repair cost and lost revenue. Ever since we implemented this technology from HVPD, we have pro-actively detected high PD on some cables and have pro-actively maintained them by either re-splicing them to eliminated the high PD side or replacing the cables entirely. This is good technology and it works for us. The test is online and non-invasive.”

- Steel Manufacturer, USA